I think I can sell it myself and save the broker fees. The market is so hot. It’s a sellers’ market so I don’t need a RE broker to sell my house.

Market value is only after a sale
The thing is that neither you nor I know what your property and home can sell for unless you put it on the open market for 52000 brokers to see and alert their buyers to it. This can only be done by listing on the NWMLS. Since Keller Williams is the largest firm in the world and we advertise nationally and internationally for you, buyers from China, India, and Europe who are moving here to work for Amazon, Google, FB and other tech companies will see it. You could leave $100,000 on the table by guessing value or using Zillow or even an appraised value as an asking price. A sold price may be higher than either of these.


Strategy for bringing multiple offers

The next thing your broker will do is strategize with you to stimulate multiple offers and negotiate skillfully to receive multiple offers to push your price up to the highest price possible with the best terms of the contract.

Choosing the best offer
We speak to the loan officer or mortgage professional to check the buyers. We check financing qualifications of buyers to protect you from the financing failing and your property from having to go back onto the market. If this happens, your position is weakened. Buyers and brokers think there is something wrong with the property or house or think you are unreasonable to work with.  Many years ago, we learned a tough lesson. We had buyers make an offer showing a letter of pre-approval from a credit union. Near closing, the credit union asked for all documents and found the ownership of a home in England that put the income to debt ratio at a point where they could not approve a loan. The whole transaction fell apart at day 25 and the seller had to put the house back on for sale. We now have the experience, knowledge and skills to protect you from such an unqualified buyer.

We help you select the offer with the best terms. Another way the transaction can fail is after the appraisal by the bank. If it comes in lower than the agreed-upon price, we get the buyer to write into the contract that they can bring extra cash to the closing table to bridge the gap, as the bank won’t loan more than the appraised value.  We ask for proof of funds by the buyers that they will be able to contribute this extra cash at closing to be able to pay higher than the appraised value.  We also provide the appraiser with useful information to help bring the appraisal up to the agreed price such as similar comparable that we have seen inside and features that make your property more valuable.

Protect you from The latest tricks
We protect you from the latest scam where a buyer makes a very high offer on the first day on market and asks you to accept right away, cancel your open houses and not wait till the delayed review of offer date. We see this type of early high offer frequently these days. Their strategy is to lock you into a contract, then when the appraisal comes in lower, ask you to lower the price which is written in the standard contract.  Don’t fall for this trick.

You may think you know what a good sale price is for your home. You don’t know. Let the market and skillful negotiators like us bring you the highest price for the most money in your pocket.  Let’s meet and talk about the least to spend on preparing your property for market and how we promote and market your property for the best net funds for you including fair commissions for sellers and buyers brokers. You will still come out ahead paying broker fees and be protected and guided.