Selling your home is a big task! You have to make sure it is presentable at all times and keep on leaving so that people can look at it without you being home. Have everything that could be considered clutter in boxes and not easily accessible to you. Well you could continue with this way of thinking and simply have excuses and not have results!

If you are ready to sell and want to move on then consider these simple tips:

  • Prepare the first 60 seconds that someone will see of your house. Make sure it is perfect so that when they come and look at your house they will make the decision to buy it within that 60 sec window. Start at the front door, clear the cobwebs and maybe consider painting the front door. Then move inside and clean and de-clutter.
  • Pack lots of boxes as you will be moving and it will make it easier for you to move in the end. Pack all of those winter clothes. (no snow this year)
  • Remove most of your personal photos. Buyers get distracted by the photos because they want to know who lives in the house. Let them look at the house and not your personal life.
  • Lastly, plan a weekend away for the first weekend your house is on the market. This is when we see most of the traffic. In this way you do not have to be in and out of the house all day. The more you can avoid contact with the buyers the better. We believe that if you make contact with buyers by not leaving the house when they view or want to sell a feature you love, makes the buyer very uncomfortable. Expect a longer time on the market and a lower than normal price. (we work with buyers as well and this info is from experience)

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes before you list your house with us: 

With your front door key in hand, walk from the outside and look at the following:

  • Entrance is clean and free of spider webs (maybe this is not your main access to your house but it is the buyers access to your house)
  • Is the yard tidy? Lawn cut and beds manicured?
  • Does the front door open easily with the key? Is the door clean?
  • What is the first thing you smell as you open the door?
  • Time yourself for 60 sec and see how much ground you can cover.

What can we do?

  • Never assume buyers are creative and can see past clutter.
  • Focus our attention on cleaning the areas inside the 60 second zone first.
  • Minor details, such as the smell of the house, front door lock, can have a large emotional impact
  • Less furniture is better than a house packed and no visualization space

The more you clean and de-clutter before your house goes on the market the shorter time it will take to sell it. Pack up as if you were moving. If you use us to sell your house you will be moving soon. Put all your excess stuff in storage or in your garage. In that way the decluttering will help people picture their furniture in your house.

When you get an offer and accept it there is a second opportunity for the buyer to negotiate the price. Yet this is one that many people overlook and are not prepared for. Simple things can cost you money you did not need to loose. I am talking about the inspection. Here are some simple tips to reduce inspection fleecing: 

  • Make sure your crawl space is dry and rodent free
  • Look in your attic and make sure there are no rodents. Make sure the bathroom vents are connected and that there is no mold in the attic
  • Service the furnace and change the filters
  • Treat the moss on your roof and clean your gutters

Just these few simple items could save you thousands. Yes thousands, as when simple items are asked to be corrected you have to have a licensed and bonded company come in to correct them.

The WithersTeam could assist you by giving you a plan of action to get the most for your house. Please contact us today.