What are phishing scams and why is that important for me?

Not fishing on the lake!

The usual way we get caught with a phishing scam is through email. Usually the fraudulent email looks as if it comes from a trusted institution. These messages usually direct you to a spoofed website. (looks authentic but is fake)

What is the point, why would someone do this?

There are many different reasons, they might not want your info but rather access to something you have access to. They could want your banking info to transfer all the money out of your accounts.

There are a few terms you might be interested in;

  •  Spear Phishing this is when the email is very targeted to an individual or institution.
  • Whaling is a term used when the target for the information is a high profile person

How would I fall for one of these emails?

By clicking on an embedded link within the email. Usually the email would warn you of something happening on your bank account that would need a password change. They look realistic and when you click on them the page will look just like the page you were expecting to see except for one small change, the URL (web address) is not what it should be.

Example: If you get an email from your bank saying that fraudulent activity has been noticed on your account and you need to change your password immediately. There is a link on the email to change your password. Do NOT click on the link. Simply go to your bank account via a browser or the app on your phone and see if there are any alerts from the bank. If not you will then know that the email was fake. 

Enjoy your Holidays and keep a look out for these Phishing attempts. Older people are usually the targets as we might not be as tech savvy as the younger generation.

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