In this age of mobile apps it is important to have one. We actually have 2 mobile apps, one is a search app to find a new home. To get this app simply text the word KWUandMe to 8778 remember not to allow spell check change the word. Our app will then send you a link to download the app from your app store.

The other is a really great app that helps you find a vendor to do those small to big things around the house. Why use our app? This is why, we have worked with all of these vendors personally or our clients have used them and have loved the work they have done. The list is added to and changed all the time so having it on your phone is the key, when you need someone in an emergency open the WithersTeam app and look for the plumber you need. Call them directly from the app or email directly from the app.

You may ask how this app helps us. That is a good question since we have invested thousands of $ into the app and have spent so much time researching all the vendors we have on the app. How it benefits us is that you find a good person who will not rip you off. Also we have a simple tool included in the app for you to refer us someone who you know is wanting to buy, sell or invest in real estate. Our business relies on referrals, we value referrals so much  and would love to work with people just like you.

How to get the app: you can go the browser on your phone and type in or the simplest way is to go into your appstore and search for WithersTeam. Download it and install it to help you find the perfect person to scope your sewer, fix a leaking water heater of paint your house.